WeedRoller PRO

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      The Crary WeedRoller PRO slowly rolls along the lake bottom, agitating the lake bed material. This agitation prevents lake bottom weeds from rooting down. Meaning, with routine use, these weeds are simply removed before they even appear.

      It's time to take back your beach with an environmentally-friendly WeedRoller PRO. No need to use hazardous chemicals in the lake to control weeds. Various weed removal products such as rakes are troublesome and very labor intensive. Plus, who wants a big pile of wet, stinky weeds on the dock after removal? Not to mention the weeds will soon return. The WeedRoller PRO not only does the job once, it continues to patrol the lake bottom for regrowth.

      How does it work?

      The WeedRoller PRO moves in a slow, broad arc, pivoting more than 300 degrees. As its linked rollers rotate along the lake bottom, the WeedRoller PRO detaches existing weeds and agitates the lake bed. This prevents continued weed growth, for a clean, sandy lake bottom and a pleasant swimming area. The WeedRoller PRO easily attaches to any dock. To fit your specific area, the WeedRoller PRO has adjustable limit switches, which automatically stop and reverse its direction, at the point you desire.

      The basic 28 volt WeedRoller PRO kit has enough clearance for 4.5 feet of water at the "Drive head". This kit includes universal dock hardware, 21 feet of lake bottom rollers, the standard 28 volt power head and a power converter which converts 110 volt standard power to 28 volt. All this comes packaged in three convenient boxes and can be shipped via UPS.

      Features of the WeedRoller PRO: 

      21 feet of lake bottom rollers
      The three 7 foot rollers make the WeedRoller PRO easy to handle and simply bolt together with a steel coupler at the beginning and flexible couplers between the 7 and 14 foot lengths. An optional coupler can be installed between these tube assemblies to provide additional flexibility. These couplers allow the rollers to follow variations in the contour of the lake bottom. All tubes are made of aluminum and are 6 inches in diameter. Add up to three more rollers for a total of six, which gives the user 42 foot radius of weed removal.

      Dock mounting
      The basic hardware mounts to docks with support legs of 2 inch (or less) diameter round or square dock posts. There is also an optional tripod mounting kit, allowing it to be self standing.

      Auto-Time Out
      The WeedRoller PRO senses heavy weed or muck conditions that may prevent it from getting through its full travel path on the first try. If sensed, it will automatically reverse rotation to avoid getting stuck. For further protection, if unsuccessful after three attempts the unit will shut down to allow removal of the obstruction. 

      Additional depth kit
      The basic 4.5 foot operating depth can be increased in 2.5 foot increments (maximum of 2 kits).

      Safety First
      110-volt household current is converted to 28-volt AC through the power converter. Also included is an 8 amp circuit breaker on the 28 volt, AC side.

      Maximum operating specifications

      • Adjustable up to a 300 degree arc.
      • Operates in up to 9.5 feet of water at the power head.
      • Extendable to 42 feet of lake bottom rollers.
      • 10 degrees of flex for each flexible roller joint.

      WeedRoller PRO has been approved by most state environmental agencies. Specific approval or permits may be required. Always follow state and local regulations when using your WeedRoller PRO. Gather and properly dispose of weeds that are removed upon initial use. For specific information regarding your region's regulations, see your local WeedRoller PRO dealer.

      How large of an area can the WeedRoller PRO clear?

      The WeedRoller PRO can coperate in a 300 degree arc and is supplied with three 7' rollers with a total length of 21' from the drive head. Additional rollers can be added to extend the reach to 42'. Local regulations may dictate maximum cleared area. Please contact your local Departmetn of Natural Resources to determine your maximum roller length.

      How does the WeedRoller PRO handle rocks or other obstacles in the water?

      The WeedRoller PRO can easily roll over the smaller rocks and objects. The automatic reverse feature senses muck conditions and heavy weeds and reverses the rotation to eliminate getting stuck. After six reversals the unit will shut down.

      What are the holes at the end of the tubes used for?

      The rollers must fill with water. It is best to plug the holes after they have filled. Plastic plugs are provided to prevent the rollers from accumulating sand and mud inside. Start out with the last tube one half full of air for the first few revolutions to make sure it doesn't burrow down. We offer additional WeedRoller PRO Tubes

      How deep can the WeedRoller PRO effectively operate in?

      The WeedRoller PRO operatures in up to nine and a half feet of water at the power head. Water depth can be increased in 2 and a half foot increments. A maximum of two kits may be installed.

      What is the Power Converter, and what does it do?

      The Power Converter converts 110 volts AC current to low voltage 28 volt AC. For safety it should be plugged into a ground fault interrupting circuit, and should remain on land and not over the water. The power converter comes standard with the WeedRoller PRO.

      How is the WeedRoller PRO powered?

      The WeedRoller PRO utilizes 110 volt household current and converts it to a safe 28 volt AC over the dock and water.

      What comes included with the standard WeedRoller PRO?

      • Power converter with 6 foot main power cord
      • Universal dock hardware
      • 21 feet of lake bottom rollers
      • 280 volt power head and power converter which converts 110-volt standard power to 28-volt
      • 70 foot power cord (from converter to power head)
      • Packaged into three boxes. Can be shipped via UPS

      What material is the WeedRoller PRO made of?

      The WeedRoller PRO power head is made out of aluminum. Roller tubes are make out of 6 inch diameter aluminum. Roller couplers are rubber.

      How much slope can the WeedRoller PRO operate effectively in?

      The WeedRoller PRO is designed with adjustable joints to accommodate the average controur of the lake bottom.

      How fast does the WeedRoller PRO move?

      The WeedRoller PRO moves at a slow steady pace, approximately 5 miles per hour.

      How do I know what the regulations in my state may be?

      Each state's regulations can vary. Here's a state by state list of regulations on file. Please keep in mind state and local government can change regulations at any time. If you have any quesitons, please contact your local Department of Natural Resources.

      Many states have different regulations for the installation and use of the WeedRoller PRO

      The legal use of the WeedRoller PRO may vary from state to state. Additional restrictions may sometimes exist within municipalities, counties, or within private lake associations. A permit may be required. Please check with appropriate authorities regarding applicable requirements. 

      This web site contains helpful information regarding the responsible and legal use of the WeedRoller PRO in your area. In many cases, the enclosed information may have since been changed due to changing regulations. Also, additional restrictions may apply that are not represented by this web site. These may include restrictions because of federally owned or regulated lands, county or city authorities, lake associations or private access lakes. Please check into any new or additional concerns that may apply to your individual application.

      The WeedRoller PRO is Environmentally Friendly:
      The WeedRoller PRO is of course, chemical free. Seasonal use of the WeedRoller PRO will eliminate the need for adding toxic weed control chemicals that are harmful to lake life and water quality.

      The WeedRoller PRO has been known to provide great spawning areas for most types of fish. It also can provide the perfect "attack" zone for fish. This is the "weed line" where large fish hide waiting for the smaller fish to appear in the open. This attack zone is a great area for fishing.

      The WeedRoller PRO is Safe:
      The WeedRoller PRO works automatically when the waterfront is not in use. Low voltage D.C. electrical power provides an added measure of safety when wiring is run along the dock. WeedRoller PRO should not be operated during swimming or other waterfront activities.

      Refer to the WeedRoller PRO operator's manual for additional information regarding the use of the WeedRoller PRO.

      Tell your Neighbors
      Most neighboring property owners will be very curious about your WeedRoller PRO. The improved swimming area has in many instances improved property values.

      The WeedRoller PRO will stir up environments where accumulations of light sediment or "muck" exist. These sediments will move with whatever natural water currents exist. This may in some cases "cloud" up the water for your neighbors. They need to know that this will occur only until the light materials have moved out of the WeedRoller PRO area. Also, tests show that the greatest volume of sediment does not move very far from the WeedRoller PRO operating area. The relocated sediment may be measurably deeper within 10 feet of the operating arc, but not much beyond. In most cases, this has not produced ill affect for adjoining property. Typically, normal wind and wave action will quickly have the whole area looking as if nothing has changed.

      Gather Uprooted Weeds
      During the initial phase (usually 3 days or less) of operation of the WeedRoller PRO, existing weeds and vegetation will become dislodged and float to the surface. Many weeds can float away and re-root somewhere else. It is important to gather these floating weed segments and safely dispose of them. Many Departments of Natural Resources require clean up of weeds, no matter what type of weed removal method is used.

      With regular WeedRoller PRO use, weeds are prevented from regenerating in the operating area. The WeedRoller PRO is a weed preventative. Gathering and potential spreading of weeds is generally not an issue after this initial phase.

      Be Aware of Fish Spawning 
      Many types of fish prefer to spawn in weed free and shallow areas. The clear sandy bottom created by the WeedRoller PRO is often ideal, and many fish will be attracted to this area for spawning. The WeedRoller PRO can be a great compliment to increasing the fish population if it is not operated during the critical spawning period. Please identify these critical times by contacting your DNR or fisheries specialist, and refrain from WeedRoller PRO operation during this time.

      Comply with State and Local Regulations
      The legal use of the WeedRoller PRO may vary from state to state. Additional restrictions may sometimes exist within municipalities, counties, or within private lake associations. A permit may be required. Please check with the appropriate authorities regarding applicable requirements.

      State by state regulations